It's great that the nanny can't speak Enlgish when I'm making fun of her

The Nanny helped the kids make these Valentine's Day cards for Anna and me.
Since she can't speak English, getting 75% of the words correct made me realize that, in the future, I'll have to help the kids with their homework -instead of The Nanny. 

What else can go wrong like Madonna's plastic surgery? Her face is way too puffy. She needs to stop with the fillers, let things settle a little and reassess the situation before she becomes a two paper-bagger..

Anyhoooo, sooner or later Anna is going to have to speak with The Nanny about why we're paying good money to not have to raise our children. Also, use Google translator.

Why did she add an extra "Y" to "Dad"?

I can't believe she misspelled "ham".


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