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I am still almost alive but that could change if I am hit by a bus.

Anna is switching jobs so we lost are insurance today; unless we want to pay thousands of dollars for Cobra. To all those non-Americans, Cobra bridges the gap between health insurance policies.

Here in the USA of America, insurance links to your job. If you lose your job or switch jobs and have a probationary period, you lose your insurance coverage and that makes a lot of sense; NOT infinite! it is so stupid dumb. One could pay out of pocket but that’s a lot of money and we want new furniture.

I know there are many people out there on this planet earth world that go without any insurance at all forever but as an upper, upper, upper, upper, upper middle class family, we like our insurance. We insure everything. We have life insurance, disability insurance, homeowners insurance, car insurance and liability insurance. Don't even try to fuck with us, we're insured bitches! I am so high on pain drugs right now.

Well, I was racing around the clock yesterday trying to get as many doctors to see me as possible so that if things went to hell in a hand basket my basket would have a bunch of drugs in it.

My sister-in-law did me a big favor getting the ball rolling. She’s an anesthesiologist resident working out of state doing a rotation at a pain clinic. She asked her pain clinic to look at the MRI for me. They did and sent over a referral to the pain clinic here in Chicago to get me in immediately. It did not work out in the end but it gave me a course or action; get into that damn pain clinic at any cost no matter what if it’s not something criminal but I’m not ruling that out.

I went and saw a surgeon a little later in the day who recommended waiting two more months as most people get better on there own. He did give me a referral to get steroid injections at the same pain clinic my sister-in-law tried to get me into.

But, when I got there, they wouldn’t take anymore people. I begged, “My insurance ends in four hours I could die. Life is too precious. If I was an orphan baby you would help me. You racists!”

Not even my charming tilt the head and wink method worked as it always does mostly never unless they’re drunk.


Kerry Lynn said…
I would give you my steroids if i had any. how long is the gap in insurance?
An Urban Story said…
@Kerry Lynn- The gap is three months. I have enough steroids for another week but they aren't making my muscles bigger. :-(

But I have other medications that will last one more month so I'm hoping this resolves itself by then!

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