What we were doing when Whitney Houston died....(at least she's with her career now)

Anna was away over the weekend with little Fifers visiting a friend in San Francisco who recently pushed a baby out her vagina. I bet they saw a ton of Chinese people.

"I love San Francisco and all its homeless runaways"

Having one less kid to take care means I have only two kids to take care of because 3-1 =2.

Stella and Xavier didn’t really understand where their mom was or there sister. Kids this young don’t quite grasp the concept of space and time. Everything that happens in the past is yesterday and every that will happen in the future is tomorrow. Things are either walking distance, car distance or plane distance.

They could have been home-schooled by Evangelical Christians. “Ok class, the earth is 100 years old, flat and God drowned everyone because he loves you. Science lesson over. Moving on to English…everything has been censored. Moving on to judging people.”

We went to a diner for lunch Saturday. Look at that meal!

Do you see the lady in the background at the register? Well, two years ago, Anna and I took the day of work, left the kids with the nanny, and went to the beach. We stopped at this very diner on our way and I have not been back since.

Back then, she was studying at the restaurant for the MCATS to get into medical school. I told her I remembered this and asked how it was going. She looked embarrassed and said she was taking the long road to going to medical school

In about two seconds, I ruined her day. I felt bad and tipped an extra dollar. Um, sorry I made you feel like your life is going nowhere. Here is a dollar.

Too make up for the junk food festival at lunch I made Japanese tofu soup for dinner. There is tofu in it.

Stella ate so much soup a tsunami couldn't even carry her away.

Excuse the poor picture quality. 
My iPhone is old and the camera is dieing.

I organized the kid’s plate cabinet by putting an extra “organizer” shelf in the middle. I was sick and tired of emptying the dishwasher and having to lift up bowls to put plates under them. My tolerance level for redundant work is very low.


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